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A message from the creator of Pass the Mic Summer Camp:

"I rarely share what happens at CAMP but wanted to share this blessed testimony with you that brought me to tears today and sent me to my prayer closet at the facility for a few minutes. The incident reminded me of my own childhood, growing up and not having enough nutritious food to eat sometimes. Back then I appreciated summer camp because I KNEW at least on those days I was going to have a good meal. When I started camp, one of my goals was to provide a hot meal that was balanced and nutritious. My intent was to make sure it was MORE than enough, and I knew whom to call at Tasty Tees Cooking & Catering, LLC Cooking, Mrs. Brooks! Well, this week I had a Camper express his/her desire to take a plate of food home. The child waited until no one was around to explain that he/she did not have very much at home. I was happy to be able to send my Camper and their family home a hot meal. My tears were the result of the gratitude I felt in my heart because I was able to meet their needs and God CHOSE me to do it. Thank you Mrs. Brooks and to ALL Donors who contributed to PASS THE MIC SUMMER CAMP. Your support is making a huge impact on many youths from HALE County PERRY County and DALLAS County."

- LaQuenna Lewis, Founder and Director of Love Is What Love Does 

On June 13, 2022, Pass the Mic Summer camp was successfully launched into effect for the benefit of the youth in our community! Created by Esther Calhoun and Laquenna Lewis, 

Pass the Mic Summer Camp is an event that exists to serve the blackbelt as a whole, giving children in Rural Alabama an opportunity to flourish into their best selves. Thanks to our Camp curriculum of art therapy, academic enrichment through S.T.E.M. and mentorship, and recreational activities such as sports and music, campers will develop critical life concepts for leadership and Eco-stewardship! Participating Campers greatly enjoyed their experience participating in the program thanks to the learning opportunities, sports games, arts and crafts, and more. 


At LIWLD, we are proud to offer opportunities for each child to flourish into their best selves, as we strongly believe in the potential of each and every child!

Pass the Mic Summer Camp Fast Facts:

  • Camp Activities: 
    *Canvas painting- Creating an image that reflects their current state of being, thoughts, and/or feelings.
    *Engineering: Learning ways to charge cell phones using fruit and other tools and learning why they work.
    *Arts: Creating pillows, bracelets other items using arts and crafts to be given to local elderly community members.
    *Physical Activity: Youth participated in several rounds of Tug-Of-War, Beanbag Toss, Basketball, and Archery.
                                  All activities included conversations about the significance of teamwork.

  • *Ted Talk: At the end of the day of every camp day we discuss topics selected by our youth

  • Averaged 26 kids per week

  • Made possible by:

Mayor Patrick Braxton

LaQuenna Lewis

Esther Calhoun

Samuel Lawrence Foundation

A Host California Supporters

UAB AmeriCorps Vista Program

Pastor Williams of First Baptist in Newbern

Tasty Tees Cooking & Catering, LLC

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